It doesn’t have to cost you more money to be an Eco-friendly driver. It’s easy being green when there’s potential for saving money. Celebrate this St. Patrick’s day by not only wearing green, but by actually being green for the environment and you could save some serious cash!

Be a Zen Driver

Had a bad day? Angry at the world? Just be careful not to let those thoughts overtake your attention from the road. Aggressive driving, excessive honking or even yelling at the other driver is not going to make you feel better, but what could make you feel better is driving sensibly to lower your gas mileage. In fact, according to the EPA, aggressive driving can actually lower your gas mileage by 33% if you’re on the highway (5% if you’re driving in the city). So next time you’re driving, take a deep breath and remember: your car isn’t responsible. Don’t take it out on him (or her)!

Unload Your Car

Don’t weigh yourself down with the burden of extra costs on your car. You know that set of heavy weights in your back seat that have been there since college and that you told yourself you would unload into your new apartment? You could actually be adding unnecessary expenses to your wallet. In fact, hauling extra weight in your car, on the roof of it, or on the back of it could drastically lower fuel economy. Why not get fit, save money and breathe easier while you’re at it?

Don’t Fall Flat

Not only can your car not function with a flat tire, but it also eats up a lot of gas. According to a study from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 33% of light trucks and 25% of cars have at least one under-inflated tire. And 3-8% had all four under-inflated. This could actually decrease fuel economy by 10% and reduce the life of your tires by about a year. To prevent spending money on new tires and on more fuel to get you where you’re going, make sure they’re properly inflated.

Carpooling Can Be Fun

Got a co-worker that lives near you? Have a friend who’s heading to the same event this weekend? Carpooling saves money, goes easy on the environment and entertains you on during your commute. Need to find someone to carpool with? Look no further than your phone! With apps like hitch-a-ride, you’ll be able to save on gas money in no time.

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