The New Orleans Saints; as much a part of New Orleans as the Bayou. Founded in 1967 by John Mecom Jr. and David Dixon, The Saints became the first official NFL team of New Orleans. The Saints official colors are black and gold, which come from Mr. Mecom’s affiliation with the oil industry. The term “black gold” was oil industry nomenclature. The Saints name comes from the Louis Armstrong song “when the saints go marching in”. The song is still played today at home games. And, their first official day as an NFL team was on November 1st, Which is known as “All Saints Day” in the catholic religion.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina ripped through Louisiana leaving devastation in its wake. At the time of the hurricane, the Superdome was used as an emergency shelter for the people affected by the disaster. Katrina had left the Superdome badly damaged. It took $185 million to repair the stadium and get it back in working order. Luckily, it was fixed in time to host games for the 2006 football season. Shortly after, with the help of Sean Payton and Drew Brees, The saints won their first Super Bowl in 2009.

The Saints regularly participate in outreach programs for the city of New Orleans. The team is involved in community and youth programs design to inspire and uplift the people of New Orleans. The Saints Gulf Coast Renewal Fund had allocated over half a million dollars to help combat the recent oil spill off the gulf coast. Quarterback Drew Brees has created the Brees Dream Foundation with the goal to cure cancer while increasing the quality of life for those living with cancer. Head Coach Sean Payton has also created his own foundation aimed to help children in need. Payton’s Play It Forward Foundation provides support for homelessness, education, healthcare and other welfare needs.

The Saints have been a staple of New Orleans culture and the 2016 Football season has begun! Make sure to cheer on The Saints as they attempt to win their second super bowl in franchise history

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