With Father’s Day and the first day of summer right around the corner from each other, it got us thinking of reasons why you should get excited to celebrate. Remember what it was like as a kid to have that feeling of the first day of summer vacation–no more teachers, homework, or cafeteria food?! Instead, you got to sleep late, eat real food, hang with your family and dear old dad whenever you wanted! While he might have embarrassed us when we were little, it’s time to admit that dads are really, just kids at heart. In fact, dads are cooler than the first day of summer itself. Don’t believe us? Check out these 10 reasons we think dad is simply the best.

1. You get a free pass from Dad

Dads let you stay up late, eat dessert BEFORE dinner and may even have let you invite friends over whenever you wanted!

2. You go on the best rides
Sure, you could’ve hit up your local amusement park and ride a pricey roller coaster or two, but nothing beats the times that dad let you go on the fun scary rides with him!

3. The great outdoors is yours to conquer

Longer days meant more time to learn from dad! The summer weather may have made it easier to play outdoors, but dad taught you how to enjoy the outdoors. Whether he’s taught you how to surf, score a soccer goal, field a jump shot, or build a tree fort, the long summer days wouldn’t have been the same without dad’s adventurous spirit and expertise.

4. He’s what you would call, “a man with a plan”
From pulling together everything you needed for an epic camping trip to charting new plays for your little league football team, dad could easily be called “a man with the plan.” He even takes time to plan for (and help protect the family) by purchasing insurance for those travel trailers and campers on your road trips.

5. “Dad, how do I….?”

He taught you how to make scrambled eggs,change a flat tire, spit a record-setting distance, and clean your car battery with Coca-Cola. If dad were a book, he’d be an encyclopedia.</

6. Life lessons
Dads seem to have an uncanny sense for when you need him, like when your car engine randomly starts smoking on the way to the grocery store–he’s there. He also knows when to take the back seat, like when you put off your science fair project until the very last day. He may have pulled an all-righter alongside you, but he made sure you did the work (and learned your lesson too).

7. Your secret’s safe
Whether you needed a shoulder to cry on when your summer romance ended, or a partner in crime for April Fool’s Day, dad’s the one who kept your secrets safe. He’s been a one-of-a-kind confidant from day one, no matter the season!

8. Mr. MacGyver, a.k.a. the man who can do anything

When you were stuck inside on a rainy and muggy summer day, dad’s the one who helped you build a fort out of cardboard boxes, Popsicle sticks, and packing tape. And when you were “too cool” for sticking around the house, he’s the one who makes sure you get to the concert, mall, roller skating rink, or bowling alley safely (and in style–thanks for parking at the end of the block, dad!).

9. Heart to hearts

He’s solution-oriented, all the time. When you have a problem, no matter how small, you can turn to your dad for helpful advice…

10. The protector

Dad does his best to take care of his family, even if it means working two jobs to help you pay for college or learning how to change the mini-van’s oil to help the family save money. He’s a planner, a protector, and a role model.

So, can we agree? Even though dad’s cooler than the first day of summer, you can still have fun celebrating both! Father’s Day is June 18 and the first day of summer is June 21.Revamp the family carand take dad on a scenic road trip or out to his favorite BBQ joint this June!

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