Before football season comes to a close, it’s time to gear up for the biggest game in the NFL! Whether you’re a diehard football fan or you’re just excited to tailgate, celebrating the big game is an American tradition that brings the country together. Speaking of traditions, football is full of them. Check out some of our favorite traditions to warm up for the big game in February.

1. Football Sunday

Since 1967, the big game has always taken place on a Sunday. You may wonder why Saturday isn’t the day of choice for the beloved American event. From a fan’s standpoint, Saturday is an easier day to travel to football gatherings and allows for staying up later without worrying about an early Monday morning. According to Time, over one million people were expected to call out of work the Monday after the big game in 2008.

However, when it comes to football, money talks. According to AJC, if the big game was bumped up a day earlier, the game’s host city could take a cut. Traveling football fans would most likely spend less money on shorter hotel stays, entertainment, and dining, making Sunday the preferred day for these cities to earn some extra dollars.

2. Presidential Prediction

Many United States presidents have been asked to predict the champion for the big game. This tradition follows with an invitation for the winning team to visit the POTUS in The White House. Who do you think the president will choose in February?

3. “I’m Going to Disney World”

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “I’m going to Disney World,” exclaimed by MVP’s of winning teams when asked how they’re going to celebrate the big win. After the New York Giants beat the Denver Broncos in 1986, Giants quarterback, Phil Simms, yelled “I’m going to Disney World!” and the rest was history.

So how did the phrase “I’m going to Disney World” originate? Jane Eisner, wife of former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, had the idea to offer quarterbacks or other MVP’s of the winning team an extraordinary $75,000 offer to say “I’m going to Disney World” and “I’m going to Disneyland” as they run off the field. Then, this would be shown in a Disney World or Disneyland commercial followed with a trip to Disney where the NFL spokesperson is given a congratulatory parade. Talk about a win-win!

4. The Pregame Show

Kicking off the big game by tuning in to the pregame show is the ultimate way to generate excitement at your tailgate. This is the perfect time to chomp on some classic football snacks, like pizza, wings, and chips and dip, and enjoy all of the predictions, performances, and commentary with your friends and family before the National Anthem sets off the big game.

5. The Halftime Show

The halftime show is an epic experience all on its own. In fact, almost six million more people tuned into the 2017 halftime show than those who watched the New England Patriots’ epic overtime win over the Atlanta Falcons. Over the years, there have been many monumental halftime memories from Destiny’s Child making a surprise guest appearance with Beyoncé in 2013 to “Left Shark” joining Katy Perry on stage in 2015.

The big game’s halftime show is an extraordinary experience for those watching in the stands or from home. Featuring top-of-the-line artists, like Prince, The Rolling Stones, Bruno Mars, and Coldplay, the halftime show is a must-see every year. Did you know that Maroon 5 will be the lead performer next February?

6. Commercials

People don’t typically enjoy watching commercials, but this isn’t the case during the biggest football game of the year. Commercials are such a large part of the event that many go viral across the internet each year. Does anyone remember Betty White’s iconic appearance in the 2010 Snickers commercial? The big game’s commercial spots can cost companies millions of dollars, but the advertising is well worth it.

7. Gatorade Dunk

The first Gatorade splash took place on January 25, 1987, when the New York Giants defeated the Denver Broncos. After their big win, The Giants dumped a Gatorade cooler over coach Bill Parcells, and the tradition stuck. Now, football fans can expect to see a celebratory Gatorade soak after the big game every year.

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