Winter is over! Time to bring out your water toys to play! Not so fast. Before you dock out for fun in the sun on your boat, you’ll need to give her a little love and care to make sure she’s in tip-top shape for adventures on the water. Get your boat ready for summer using this easy to follow checklist and you’ll be ready to sail, float or motor away into the sunset.

Note: Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual for specific guidelines and instructions.

1. Check the battery on your boat.

Does your boat start? Is the water level low in the battery? Use a battery tester to see if the battery can hold a charge. If your levels are low, use distilled water to add more fluids. Look for corrosion on the battery and safely clean it off. If there are lights on your boat, make sure they are working properly. est the lights and other electrical systems on the boat.

2. Change the oil.

Can’t remember the last time you changed the oil? If you didn’t change it before storing it for winter, then it’s time for an oil change. You should also inspect the oil drive to be sure it is clean. Check the power steering and coolant levels and look for any noticeable leaks behind the engine or visible cracks in the fuel lines.

3. Cleaning and refilling the cooling system.

Drain and refill leftover water/antifreeze in the cooling system, and look for possible leakage. If you already flushed the cooling system before storing the boat, fill it up with the same amount of water and antifreeze.

4. Locate your safety gear.

Check to see if your safety equipment is expired or damaged and if you have the correct amount of required flotation devices. Fire extinguishers can expire, too, so be sure to read their expiration dates. Locate your boat paperwork and make sure it’s in a safe place, and remember to check your boats horns, flares, and whistles.

5. Replace worn belts.

Overtime the belts of the boat can wear and tear. Push on the belt, and if it has too much slack or if there is black soot around the machinery, you could need a new belt. Belts with too much “give” should be replaced.

6. Bath time!

Washing your boat regularly will help preserve its condition and also prevent the build-up of mold and mildew. Cleaning the outside and inside with an environmentally-friendly soap and wax will have your boat looking as clean as a whistle in no time! If you have carpet or vinyl upholstery, don’t forget to clean those, too!

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