New Year’s is a time when many people look inward and make goals to better themselves. Surprisingly, 42% of people absolutely never achieve their New Year’s Resolution. Falling short is partly due to the strategy created to reach the goal. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you work towards your New Year’s Resolution.

Have Desire

As many of us know, without the right motivation, nothing is possible. I suggest creating a list of all the resolutions that interest you. Then, rank them from most important to least important. Take the top two and contemplate the feasibility and benefits of each. Pick the goal that will add the most value to your life while also being attainable.

Be Specific

Resolutions range from losing weight to finding a job. What’s important is that your goal is specific enough that it can only be interpreted in one way. This makes it easier to understand and therefore, easier to achieve.

Write It Down

A Harvard Study has shown, people that write their goals down have a significantly greater chance of achieving them. Tiger Woods and Bruce Jenner used this goal-setting tactic to become the best in the world.

Keep Track

Tracking your progress allows you to visually see when you are veering off track and when you are on course. It will also help you discover flaws in your routine and make adjustments accordingly.

Reward Yourself

Goods habits are created when there is a cue, routine and reward. Make sure you are rewarding yourself for the effort you have put forth. This strengthens the good habit loop and makes the routine second nature.
Here at ABC Insurance Agencies, we hope everyone completes their goals of personal development. We wish everyone a fantastic 2017

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