The year was 1992.

“A League of Their Own,” “Batman Returns,” and “Aladdin” were smash hits at the box office. Billy Ray Cyrus’s hit “Achy Breaky Heart” was near the top of the billboard charts, and ABC Auto Insurance Agencies opened its doors for the first time!

We’ve crunched the numbers, double checked the math, and on September 25, 2017, we’ll be celebrating our 25th birthday at ABC! Time sure does fly when you’re on a mission to offer better choices for insurance needs.

Looking back on the last 25 years, it’s clear we’ve come pretty far. Along the way we set up shop across Louisiana and Texas, added new products and convenient services, and partnered up with the New Orleans Baby Cakes to support their wildly popular fireworks show!

While nothing can compare to a fireworks show, serving our loyal customers for more than a quarter-century sure does put the icing on the cake! Now that’s some kinda good!

Want to hear more about better choices for your insurance needs? Call ABC Insurance Agencies at 1-800-708-0123 or visit us online at

Happy Birthday ABC Insurance

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