You’re planning a special event and you have a lot on your plate. You have planned for all the little things that could go wrong. Now, it’s time to get insurance coverage for all the BIG issues that could happen. Event insurance can help you in a number of unforeseen situations and help you manage your event with greater financial security.

What kind of events are covered?

Various event types are eligible for event insurance. Each event is specific to the location, time of year and people attending. Event insurance can alleviate stress and allow the planner to focus on creating an enjoyable experience.

Event insurance can cover, but is not limited to:

  1. Weddings
  2. Benefit Events
  3. Charity Sporting Events
  4. Musical Events
  5. Religious Revivals
  6. Business Meetings
  7. Family Reunions

What does event insurance cover?

Coverage is designed to fit the individual needs of each event. Planners have many options when selecting coverage and can customize their insurance to protect against the following problems:

  1. Extreme Weather
  2. Injury or Accident
  3. Event Postponement Caused by Injury or Death
  4. Travel Delays
  5. Replacement Vendors
  6. Property Theft
  7. Venue Cancellation

Where can I get event insurance?

Our experts design a policy that helps cover financial risks associated with the event at an affordable rate. To find out if your event can be covered, contact an ABC Insurance Expert and they will assist you in finding the insurance that best fits your needs.

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