With Summer in full swing, I’m sure some of us are already enjoying the sunshine and water. Cruising on a boat or a jet ski can be a delightful summer experience but it comes with responsibility. Being educated about boat and watercraft safety is a wise decision if you intend to take part in fun on the water. Here are some great tips to follow if you plan to be on a boat or watercraft this summer:


Be cognizant of your local weather and make sure you check conditions before you leave land. Give yourself enough time to get back to the dock before bad weather comes in. Also, check your immediate environment for dark clouds, rough winds and abrupt drops in temperature.

Know How To Swim

Even though you are on a vessel and may never go in the water, it is still strongly recommended that a person know how to swim before going out on a boat or watercraft. Your local community will most likely have swim classes if need be…besides, swimming is really fun!

Boating Checklist

Having a plan in place can make a huge impact on your situation. Make sure you have all your safety equipment on board in properly functioning order. Ensure your vessel is running well and has been properly maintained.

  • Life Jackets
  • Lights and Flashlights
  • Toolbox
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Bilge Pump
  • Battery Charger
  • Vessel Documents
  • Sound Device
  • Safety Flares
  • Fuel
  • Emergency Beacon
  • Food and Water
  • Cell Phone

Experienced Captain

If you’re planning to go out on a boat or watercraft, be sure to have an experienced captain. Having an educated Captain will help prepare you for unforeseen events. Captains can also work to educate the rest of the passengers on the boat as the the best safety practices while on your trip. A quick Google search will discover boating safety courses in your area if your are interested in growing your boat knowledge.

Life Jackets

The name is fitting, they save lives! Although this item is listed in the Boating Checklist, it’s important enough to mention again. Make sure every member on the boat: 1. Has a life jacket and 2. It fits them properly. Have everyone who will be boating with you try on their life jacket prior to leaving the dock and confirm the life jacket fits well.

Tell Someone

It can be a friend, family member or the clerk at the marina. Let someone know your plans for your trip. This way, if an incident does occur, there will be someone to help you. Let this person or persons know where you are going and for how long you intend to be gone. Make sure the person knows the names of all the people on the boat and their phone numbers. Also, tell them the make and model of the boat so a search team can identify you quickly if needed.

We wish you a fantastic summer! Have fun and stay safe!

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