Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana, is peppered with landmarks and tourist attractions. It is centrally located, with about an hour drive to New Orleans and Lafayette. Known as the center of the American South, Baton Rouge has lush green parks and must-see monuments that embody the spirit of southern culture. Here are 5 Baton Rouge Gems every visitor needs to experience:

Louisiana State University

Since 1869, Baton Rouge has been home to the LSU Tigers. Beginning as an agricultural and mechanical college, LSU has grown into a multi-faceted campus with a wide range of degrees. Museums and lively football games make LSU a place to visit while in Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge Zoo

The Baton Rouge Zoo is the #1 year-round family attraction. The park has hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Exotic animals like rhinos and giraffes call the Baton Rouge Zoo home. Parrot Paradise and Flamingo cove showcase some of the world’s’ most elegant birds for park goers. The KidsZoo has a playground and barn animals for children to enjoy.

USS Kidd

Named after Admiral Isaac Campbell Kidd, the USS Kidd was put into commission in the 1940s. The vessel’s long and interesting story comes from its years of duty. It has been featured in movies and referenced in historical documentaries. The prestigious battleship is now available for visitors to come aboard and experience the vessel firsthand.

Old State Capitol

This building looks like it came out of the middle ages. Built in 1847, the relic capital building has historical and architectural significance. Prior to 1882, the building was sieged and burned down by the Union Army only to be rebuilt as a Louisiana landmark. Located in close proximity to the Mississippi River, the Old State Capital is now a museum of political history.

Louisiana Arts & Science Museum

Featuring a mix of both art and science, the Louisiana Arts & Science Museum stimulates analytical and creative thinking alike. Children and adults will find this place entertaining as exhibits are made to entertain families. The art gallery holds American and European pieces as well as Louisiana’s modern and contemporary art. The science section of the museum is interactive and educational based. This area provides visitors with a fun way to engage in science activities. The museum also has a Planetarium and an Egyptian Exhibit where artifacts and mummies can be discovered.

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