Although it is hard to admit, disaster can strike on your wedding day. Wedding insurance is designed to protect you from the unforeseen and can also provide you with overall peace of mind. By having your wedding covered, you can make sure the site, vendors and weather are the least of your worries.

1. Protect Your Venue

If the site you choose for your wedding or reception goes out of business or becomes unavailable for whatever reason, you may have little notice to seek an alternative location. Most insurance policies will compensate you for any deposit that you may have lost.

2. Protect the Marquee

If you are using a type of Marquee for your wedding and it becomes damaged, then a replacement can usually be hired at no additional cost.

3. Consider Illness/Injury

It is almost impossible to predict when illness or injury may occur, and thinking about the impossible can cause unnecessary stress. If such an event may occur, then wedding insurance may provide reimbursement for any non-refunded contracted expenses.

By being financially prepared for your wedding, you can worry about one less thing on your big day.

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