Never set off fireworks before? Not sure if you’re lighting them safely? Fireworks are fun to watch, but they can also be very dangerous when you’re setting them off. Don’t worry! A proud partner and fan of the New Orleans Baby Cakes’ fireworks, ABC Insurance Agencies wants to make sure you celebrate safely too. Check out our easy to follow safety tips below!

Fireworks Safety 101

Celebrate America’s birthday along with a favorite national pastime, baseball! ABC Insurance Agencies, proud partner of the New Orleans Baby Cakes, is getting fired up for the largest fireworks celebration of the year. IN the spirit of this “sparktacular” event, ABC Insurance Agencies has a few tips to help keep you safe if you get inspired to set off a few fireworks of your own.

1. Check with our state and local laws first before lighting up. If it is legal to light fireworks in your neighborhood, keep a fire extinguisher with you. Be mindful of drought conditions in your area. Avoid buildings, barns, and cars.

2. Children should not be allowed to handle fireworks. Make sure your pets and children are standing nowhere near where you will be launching fireworks. Never leave children unattended.

3. Follow directions on how to properly light fireworks to avoid injury. Don’t drink alcohol while setting off fireworks.

4. Never try to relight a firework that has failed to go off or try to relight a used firework. Before throwing away your used fireworks, completely soak them in water.

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