Hurricanes — giant, high-speed, swirling storms, producing wind speeds faster than a cheetah — are a force to be reckoned with. Although we can’t prevent a natural disaster from destroying our neighborhoods, we can try to minimize the damage of a hurricane and lessen the odds of losing our possessions.

First and foremost, your life is more precious than your material possessions. If there’s a hurricane headed towards your area, follow evacuation protocol versus riding out the storm around your house and property which can put your life and the lives of emergency workers at risk.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to hurricane proof, or at least fortify your home, against hurricanes, giving you the confidence you need to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

Secure the Structure

First, strap your roof down with hurricane clips to reduce roof damage, install bolts on entry doors, and caulk windows to prevent water from getting inside your home. When it comes to windows, installing window shutters and garage door braces are said to be more effective than boarding them up. If you live in a modular home, your home is considered less secure, and you should evacuate to a safer structure away from the storm. You can also help protect your mobile or manufactured home with an insurance policy from ABC Insurance Agencies

Trim Trees

During a hurricane, mother nature’s powerful winds can easily knock down trees and foliage. Trimming larger trees and bushes can prevent them from getting blown around, and tying down smaller trees could prevent windows from being broken, and causing further property damage.

Make a List

Keep a list of everything you own in your home to make it easier to remember what is missing or what you need replaced. When you evacuate your property, bring this list with you.

Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Every year, take time to assess the value of your belongings as well as after major life changes to ensure you’re covered. Speak with a licensed ABC Insurance agent to learn more about your options for homeowners insurance before a hurricane hits. Call 1-800-708-0123, Come In, or Go Online.

Give Your Car a Check-up

Be prepared to hit the road once an evacuation warning is issued. If there is news of a potential hurricane, fill up your gas tank ahead of the warning to avoid any potential gasoline shortages. Also, remember to check your tire pressure and wiper blades, and keep an emergency kit in your car. Finally, be sure your car insurance is up to date.

As the seasons change, ABC will be with you through the thick and thin of the storms. We’re here to ride it out, so you’re never alone and without coverage to protect you. Let us shop across multiple carriers to provide you the most affordable options for your needs Call 1-800-708-0123, Come In, or Go Online.

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