Hurricane season is inevitable and damaging 100 mph or more winds are unstoppable. However, there are several steps you can take to strengthen your home and lessen the damage of your property. Fight for what is yours by following these easy hurricane preparedness tips before a Hurricane Sally, Tim, or Rufus makes waves in your territory.

Prepare Your Home, Mobile or Manufactured Home1

1. Make a Hurricane Plan

Find out from your local emergency management agency if your territory is at a higher risk. Design an emergency plan and create a disaster supply kit. Know where you can escape to higher ground or your evacuation options.

2. Update or Purchase Homeowners or Mobile Home Insurance

Speak with your local ABC Insurance agent to ensure that you have the right insurance in the event of a natural disaster. We can help cover the cost of repairs for property that is damaged by the storm, as well as help get you flood protection from the Federal Government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Don’t forget to keep all of your papers with you during a hurricane. For more information visit ABC Mobile Manufactured or ABC Homeowners Insurance.

3. Your Yard is Calling

Yard work is a pain, but it could be even more of a pain after disaster strikes. Trimming and picking up any dead tree limbs before a hurricane could help prevent further damage to your home. You should also collect any loose outdoor items that could put your home at risk. One large item you should definitely think about protecting is your car!2Think about where you can relocate your car, as well as possibly updating your auto coverage. ABC Insurance Agencies can help you find the best auto insurance to help pay for any damage incurred from the hurricane. Learn more on our website at

4. Are Your Gutters Gutting?

Are they doing their job? Making sure your rain gutters and downspouts are secure and clear of any debris to help prevent water damage.

5. Raise the Roof

Secure and reinforced your roof to help accurately support windows, doors, including your garage door. Over time, your roof’s condition can deteriorate, so make sure you have a professional inspect what’s protecting you and everything you own. You should also properly seal and cover your windows.

6. Keep the Power On

Purchase a portable generator or you have one installed in case the power goes out. Be you keep it outside along with any other alternate power or heat sources. It’s recommended generators be kept at least 20 feet away from windows or doors, as well as protected from moisture. Most importantly, never try to power the house wiring by plugging a generator into a wall outlet!

7. Build a Storm Shelter

If you live in a hurricane territory, building a FEMA safe room (ICC 500 storm shelter) could help save your life. These shelters are designed to withstand high-winds and floods.

Uninsured homeowners could lose everything in a storm. Dropping homeowner’s insurance is a risk not worth taking. Don’t let mother nature wreak havoc without putting up a fight!

ABC Insurance Agencies can help you navigate the stormy season by finding you affordable homeowners, flood, or mobile home insurance. We offer better choices for you when times get tough. Arm yourself by calling 800-708-0123, stopping by one of our many locations or visiting our website at

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