Renting an apartment has a convenience factor that appeals to many young adults and families. Renters are free from routine maintenance and landscaping costs and can leave the location without the hassle of selling a home if a new opportunity arises. This lack of permanence attracts many different people to the idea of renting. Also, many apartment leases include free amenities for tenants to enjoy, such as pools, gyms and trash pick-up.

Although renters have far less financial responsibility when it comes to maintenance of the property, many renters have experienced catastrophes, like theft, leaks, break-ins, and on-site injuries, which is why renters insurance is a smart and affordable investment when signing a lease. Renters may not realize that their renters insurance policy could cover many surprising things other than personal property.

What Else is Covered by Renters Insurance?

1. Necessary Relocation

Life is full of ups and downs. Thankfully, a renters insurance policy could protect you should disaster strike in your apartment, like water damage or a fire. No matter what happens at your apartment, you don’t need to feel stuck living in an uninhabitable space. Find out how to make the most of your renters insurance policy by chatting with your insurance agent about relocation coverage, such as hotel expenses, so you can comfortably continue your daily lifestyle until the damages have been repaired.

2.Dog Bites

Pets can be unpredictable. An otherwise friendly animal could feel threatened by your neighbor, friend, or another dog, and lash out by biting in defense. Dog bites can be extremely painful and could require a trip to the doctor or the emergency room. Your renters insurance could cover expensive medical bills issued from a dog bite injury. Be sure to ask your agent if the policy you’re interested in provides this coverage. If you get bit by a dog at your complex or if your dog bites someone else, read through your renters insurance policy or call your provider for next steps.

3. Stolen Belongings Off-Site

Experiencing theft away from home can cause panic, but remember to take a deep breath and contact your renters insurance company before purchasing all new essentials. You may not realize that your renters insurance policy could protect your belongings at home and on your vacations or business trips. If your things get stolen from your car, hotel room, or elsewhere, your renters insurance policy could help you recover stolen belongings up to a certain percentage.

4. Spoiled Food

Buying fresh, new groceries is a great feeling until your refrigerator loses power overnight and your family wakes up to spoiled produce and milk. A power outage is not your fault, and your renters insurance policy should cover personal property damages that are out of your control. Give your insurance provider a call before heading back to the grocery store to save some money for next week’s grocery bill.

5. Legal Costs

If a visitor gets hurt badly enough at your apartment to press charges, liability coverage from your renters insurance policy could help you pay any legal costs. Most policies come with a liability coverage limit that you can choose at the time that you purchase the policy. Liability coverage could protect you from any unexpected apartment accidents that may arise in the future.

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