You’re looking to rent a new apartment, how exciting! So many options to choose from and so many factors to take into consideration. To help streamline your decision process, here are 11 pointers:

  1. Make sure you are searching for apartments in your price range.
  2. Take into account other expenses related to the apartment transaction.
  3. Lay out your options. apartments can come is all different shapes and sizes. Some have amenities such as a pool and gym while others don’t. Take a look at all your options and decide what works for you.
  4. Go Big. In terms of value, apartments with two or more bedrooms are your best option.
  5. Avoid apartments that are close to the trash port, near the entrance/exit or near an elevator. These areas tend to create a lot of noise pollution.
  6. Opt for a carport, parking in an apartment complex is usually competitive. And, find out the details of your visitor parking options so your guests don’t have to park far away.
  7. Attempt to gain any additional storage space you can get your hands on. Storage space is usually a scarce resource for an apartment complex.
  8. Carefully evaluate the condition of the appliances to ensure you get the most for your money. Appliances can vary from apartment to apartment, even in the same complex.
  9. Talk to the previous tenants of the apartment to gain insight on living conditions. Some things can remain unseen that only a previous tenant would know. For example, loud birds may nest nearby in the summers, causing a nuisance.
  10. Make multiple visits to the apartment before you buy. You really want to make sure you have a good sense of what you’re paying for and a second visit will help.
  11. Know the fair rental price of the apartment before you decide to rent. Check other apartment prices in the same complex and the surrounding area to ensure you’re being given a fair price.

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