From rental cars to plane tickets, traveling can come with a generous price tag. However, there are tips and tricks to help you avoid expensive travel costs. ABC Insurance Agencies is here to teach you how to save money on travel so you can enjoy more experiences along the way. Pack your bags and get ready to have the trip of a lifetime with these money-saving travel tips!

Score Cheap Flights

Your flight can be one of the most expensive aspects of your travel costs, but don’t panic. According to Forbes, there are several ways to find affordable flights for any lifestyle. Find cheaper flights through…

1. Budget Airlines

Discount airlines offer cheaper flights than traditional major airlines. Although they do not travel everywhere, you could save a pretty penny if your desired route is available. There are many domestic and international budget airlines to help you save money on your travels. Some of our favorites are:

2. Third-Party Sites & Apps

Comparing prices on external travel sites and apps, such as SkyScanner, Hopper, Expedia, Momondo, and Scott’s Cheap Flights can bring exponential savings to  your flight cost. Third-party travel carriers are trustworthy, reputable, and frequently used to save money on flights.

3. Flexibility

If you have an open window of travel dates to choose from, you are more likely to find less expensive flights. Avoiding weekend days is a great place to start. Check out a flight’s price for each day of the week, or even month, to find the price that best fits your budget. Also, if you are traveling for a holiday, consider departing on the day of the holiday itself. Most travelers are eager to get to their destinations in advance, so flights could be less full (and cheaper) day-of.

4. Connecting Flights

Non-stop flights are convenient, but a quick layover could keep more cash in your wallet. Search for any one-stop or two-stop connecting flights to your destination if you aren’t in a rush.

5. Price Alert Notifications

Planning in advance is key to saving money on your flight. Start the process by saving and budgeting for your trip. Then, set alerts to get notified when a flight increases or decreases in price. Hopper is a great app that will do this for you. Flight prices can change every day, so keep an eye out for significant price drops. Google Flights can even track price trends for you in an easy-to-read format.

Rental Car Savings 101

Now that you’ve booked your flight, it’s time to consider getting a rental car. If your digs are located outside of the city, you could save money by purchasing a rental car to avoid expensive ride-sharing fees. These tips from The New York Times will help you avoid expensive rental car costs so you can explore in ease.

1. Stay Away From Airport Rentals

Did you know that rental car companies located at the airport charge a daily tax when you pick up the car from the airport location? Save money by grabbing your rental car from a company located outside of the airport. Rental car companies send shuttles to airports for hassle-free transportation to your car.

2. Compare Prices from Smaller Companies

There are many underrated rental car companies that exist to help you save money on travel costs, like Payless Car Rental. Keep in mind that small rental car companies are usually located a bit farther away from airports but can offer significant travel savings.

3. Research Rental Car Discounts

Sites like Hotwire offer plenty of rental car discounts. Hotwire requires a prepayment for the car, and you may not know which company you are renting from until you pay, but they work with reputable companies that you can trust.

More Money-Saving Travel Tips

Getting your travel transportation taken care of first will allow you to have more time to plan your itinerary and focus on the fun adventures to come. Here are a few more cost-effective travel ideas:

1. Cook Your Own Food

Dining out here and there is fun during vacations, but why not pick up some fresh ingredients from the grocery store instead? You could cook some tasty dishes with friends and family for a wholesome, bonding experience.

2. Split travel costs

Traveling with a group can help everyone save money. Suggest splitting the costs of the hotel and rental car with friends or family to help everyone keep more cash in their pockets and enjoy more experiences.

3. Go on a road trip

If possible, skip the flight and rental car fees altogether, and take a road trip to your destination. Although driving takes more time than flying, the cost of gas can be much less than a flight, baggage fees, rental cars, or taxis. Taking a road trip is the perfect way to let loose and have meaningful conversations with your loved ones, share stories, listen to those forgotten podcasts or audiobooks, play games or work on any projects that you’ve set to the side. A road trip can be a wonderful, rejuvenating getaway.

You’re now equipped with the tools you’ll need to save money on your upcoming trip. Before packing up for your trip, remember that ABC Insurance is here to help you find better choices for car insurance and more. Stay protected during your trip with insurance coverage to meet any budget or lifestyle. Just call 800-708-0123, click, or visit a friendly agent near you. Now, let’s start planning the next adventure!

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