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Golden Rules for ATV Safety

Did you know that during 2014 there were over 93,000​ATV related emergency room visits? That’s 7,750 people a month! On average an emergency room visit for ATV related injuries is $1,700 a day for Louisiana and $2,300 a day for Texas and that the average stay is between 4 and 5 days. For an emergency room visit, you’re looking at somewhere between $7,650-$10,350.

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When Is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)?

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) runs from October 15th to December 7th each year. During this period, Medicare beneficiaries can add, drop, or change their Medicare health care plans and prescription drug coverage for the following year. Updates made to Medicare health insurance coverage go into effect on January 1st of the following year.

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