Ahhhhhhh, buying your first car- its smells like freedom. Soon enough you will have the power to come and go as you please, wherever your heart desires. But before this voyage begins, you will first need a vehicle. And we all know what you need to buy a car; that’s right, money! Owning a car can be an expensive undertaking and maintaining your vehicle will be even more costly.

Car costs can be reduced by choosing your vehicle and its related expenses wisely. There is a slew of costs related to car ownership but we will go over a handful of the major costs.

First, The Car

It all starts with a set of wheels. Even cheap cars can be thousands of dollars. And if this is your first car buying experience, going for a brand new car may not be the best option. Sure, brand new vehicles are sleek and classy but they come with a hefty price tag. If your goal is to reduce the cost of car ownership a used car is more suitable than a brand new one.

If you don’t have the ability to buy a car outright, there are car loan options that allow the buyer to make a down payment and make monthly payments. This will soften the blow of a large upfront investment. Car loans will vary greatly depending on your credit so make sure to find a loan that is suited to your needs.

DMV Costs

Depending on the State you live in, these costs will vary DMV costs will vary. But, your title, sales tax and registration tags will need to be paid for. In Louisiana, a first time title fee will run you about $80. The DMV will charge you a “sales and use” tax that is 4% of your vehicle’s value and a license plate fee between $20 and $82. There are also a couple miscellaneous fees that add up to about $20. For complete details on DMV related costs in Louisiana, CLICK HERE.


Similar to the car loan, car insurance is based on various aspects related to the driver. This could actually be considered the first step, as many states require you to have car insurance before registering a vehicle. Liability, collision and comprehensive insurance are major aspects of the car insurance buying process. For further information, contact ABC Insurance Agencies and speak with a knowledgeable representative.


Now that you have a car, it must run to bring you places. A good rule of thumb is the older the car the more attention it requires. There are many moving parts to a vehicle that need to be checked on regularly to ensure your car is in running condition.

Here are a few of the major things you want to monitor:

  • Oil Level
  • Brake Pads
  • Tire Wear, Alignment and Pressure
  • Air Filter

For a comprehensive maintenance plan, seek out a certified mechanic to keep your ride purrrring like a kitten.

Happy Driving

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