Considered to be one of the most important inventions in history, the automobile has shaped the world. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to transport goods without the automobile?


Karl Benz is credited with producing the first stationary gasoline powered engine in 1879. Benz later used the engine to create the first gasoline powered automobile in 1886. His automobile had three wheels, two seats and a one-cylinder engine. His wife, Bertha Benz, proved the practicality of her husband’s invention by taking it on a 100+ mile trip. Bertha’s demonstration made global news and the automotive industry was born.

Mass Production

In 1908, a man by the name of Henry Ford began to mass produce the Ford Model T car. Using manufacturing techniques from Frederick Taylor, Ford was able to mass produce the first relatively affordable car. By streamlining the manufacturing process, Ford was able to make the Model T more efficiently and cost effective. This lowered the price of the car for the consumer which increased sales by volume. The Model T marked the first time in history where the masses could afford automobiles. The automobile has now become a staple in modern day society.


We live in a time where cars practically drive themselves. Fully autonomous vehicles are predicted to be on the road in minimal variable conditions by 2020. Automotive pioneer and polymath, Elon Musk, works to revolutionize the automotive industry by mass-producing electric vehicles. Technology has put vehicle safety at an all time high with features like blind spot detection and dual-stage airbags. Engines are becoming more fuel efficient and vehicles more aesthetically pleasing, just take a look at the Bugatti.

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