Got Spring fever? Cure your calling with a road trip for Spring Break to shake off those winter blues, but not so fast. Before you hit the road with a plan for a tan, or whatever adventures lie ahead, make sure you have a CEO partner of fun to join you. Whether you’re captain and chief of the road or taking a cat nap in the passenger lane, there’s a certain set of road code you and your pal should follow for riding shotgun.

Your Smartphone Is Everything

Other than entertaining yourself with the joys of social media or interactions on your smartphone while you buddy takes the wheel, you are essentially the extra eyes and ears for your driver. To help keep them alert, on track and well fed, you can use your phone as a guide with map apps, traffic jams and the perfect pit stops. All of that activity on your phone may work up your appetite and use up the juice of your battery, so if you need to stop for some chow, be sure to charge up your phone at an outlet if you can’t charge it in your car. Check out some of our favorite apps and let us know which one you enjoy the most!

Cue the Music

Set the mood during your ride with the perfect soundtrack. It’s your time to shine as the driver’s DJ so be sure to keep the hits coming. If you decide to engage in a little carpool karaoke, just be sure you’re not too much off key and annoying other passengers who aren’t too fond of your singing.

Become A Human Utensil

No, this is not about showing off hidden talents. Driving while eating can be tricky, so help your driver avoid any spills by lending an extra hand. This includes but is not limited to: dipping French fries in ketchup and handing them over, having plenty of napkins on hand, and pulling down the wrapper on a sandwich.

Limit Your ZZZ’s

Your driver needs you! Try to keep your eyelids open so you can help pass the time and make some new memories has you cruise to your destination.

But wait, not so fast. There’s one more thing to check off your list before you drive off into the horizon. Now that you’re an expert driving co-pilot, you should also be aware of what you can do if you get into an unexpected problem on the road that interrupts your fun time. Having roadside assistance could help you out in those tight spots like running out of gas or locking your keys in the car. If you need affordable car insurance before you hit the road, call 800-708-0123 to find out how ABC Auto Insurance can help you save.

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