If you have ever had a car overheat, you understand how scary it can be. Most cars overheat due to very hot weather, and while it’s less common with newer vehicles – it can still happen. Should you ever see your dashboard indicator quickly rise, or an indicator light come on, here’s what to do:

  1. Immediately pull over (safely), roll down your windows and shut off the AC. This will lighten the load on the engine and speed up the cooling process. You may also try putting the heater on full blast to pull heat out of the engine.
  2. Pop your hood to allow air to cool the engine compartment. Make sure you do this slowly because too much oxygen too fast can make an engine burst into flames.
  3. Try and find the problem. When the car has cooled down enough, look for a broken belt or leaky hose. Also try to check the ground to see if there is any fluid. If you see a liquid with a greenish tint it is most likely your antifreeze. If it is a darker color this could be oil and could indicate a serious engine issue.

Remember to NEVER drive a vehicle that has started to overheat further than necessary. This could end up costing you more in the long run and do serious engine damage.

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