Many drivers try to stretch their gas tank to the limit. Unfortunately, this can have very negative consequences for your vehicle. By driving your car on empty you put yourself in potentially dangerous situations and are at more of a risk for costly repairs.

One of the main problems of having low fuel in your tank is the amount of gunk that is at the bottom. Sediment can clog the filter and injectors causing issues that can amount to hundreds of dollars.

Another issue is safety. Running out of gas can cause power steering and power breaks to cease which can be a major hazard if driving in busy places or on freeways.

Rather than stretching your fuel supply, always make sure to fill up before your car is next to the empty line. Experts advise keeping your gas level at a quarter of a tank or higher.

Avoiding hitting the pump more often to save money? Check out these apps to see which gas stations in your area are the most affordable.

-Gas Buddy

-Gas Guru

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