1. Distracted Drivers
    According to a report issued by the CDC, each day more than 1,153 people are injured in a crash involving a distracted driver. The top most annoying (and surprisingly common) driving distraction is grooming. Most people have witnessed drivers putting on eye makeup, tweezing eyebrows and have even witnessed people brushing their teeth! In order to prevent accidents, try and avoid doing anything that prevents you from keeping your full attention on the road.
  2. Slow Drivers in the Fast Lane
    If you are in the fast lane and notice people constantly passing you, that should be a sign to move to the right. Typically, you can use the rule “Stay right except to pass”, meaning use the fast lane only as a way to pass slower vehicles.
  3. Road Rage
    We understand driving can sometimes be frustrating. However, if you are someone who develops road rage, please be aware it can be very dangerous not just to you and the car in the midst of a dispute, but also to cars around you.
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