Trying to comprehend…comprehensive insurance? ABC Insurance Agencies is here to help! While other coverages, such as liability and collision, help pay for expenses after an accident, comprehensive insurance pays for vehicle damage caused by events other than a collision. For example, comprehensive may pay for vehicle repairs or a replacement if your car is vandalized, stolen, damaged in a natural disaster (such as floods, hail, and lightning) or an animal (like, by a deer), or by any other covered incident (for example, a fallen tree branch). While comprehensive coverage is not a state-required coverage, you may have to carry it if your car is leased or financed. Still confused? Watch these kids explain comprehensive insurance in our video below — and prepare to learn and be entertained (trust us, it’s worth clicking play).

To learn even more about comprehensive coverage, call 1-800-708-0123 , go online, or visit a store and a friendly agent will tell you what you need to know and even get you a quote. 

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