Getting a driver’s license is an exciting rite of passage for teens. However, it is important to remember that there are significant dangers when it comes to inexperienced drivers. Here are three simple rules to help protect your teen on the road.

  1. Restrict Technology or Use It as a Tool
    With the amount of time teens spend on their cell phones, we can assume that not all of them are powering down their devices when they step into the driver’s seat. Encourage them to turn their volume off and to place the phone out of reach to avoid any has a list of apps designed to keep driver’s off their cell phones. For example, the “AT&T DriveMode® App” silences message alerts and even has the capability to auto-reply letting people know you are behind the wheel. What’s great about this app, is it will turn itself on automatically when it senses you are driving more than 15 MPH.
  2. Educate
    Although it may be uncomfortable, showing teens pictures of bad crashes from driver negligence such as driving under the influence, or texting while driving, may be a good way to show them how dangerous driving can be if done carelessly.
  3. Limit Night Driving
    Driving at night can be more difficult due to visibility.Glare from headlights and oncoming traffic can make it hard to see clearly and avoid hazards. This is why some states include a nighttime driving restriction on the GDL (Graduated Driver License) .

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