Having a baby in your vehicle requires additional safety measures. Along with safe driving, a baby car seat must be installed properly. With a variety of car seats to choose from attention must be paid to the installation process to keep your child or baby safe while driving. These Steps will help you keep a baby safe while driving.

Read The Instructional Guide

Each car seat is different and therefore has a specific way to be properly installed. Some car seats are made for infants while others are made for toddlers. Specific attention must be paid to the harness slots in order for the baby to fit securely in the car seat.

Car Seat Installation

Make sure the base is flat on the seat and the back is flush against the seat cushion. Cars made after 2002 will have what is known as a LATCH system which stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. Utilize this tethering system if possible to secure the car seat and angle it accordingly if recommended in the safety instructions.

If your vehicle does not have the LATCH system, ensure the seat belt is laced through the correct seat belt slots. Pull the slack out of the seat belt and make sure it’s securely fastened.

Snug Harness

Familiarize yourself with the harness system and make sure you can tighten and loosen the harness. The harness should fit snug but not restricting to the baby. The harness clip should be positioned at armpit level. Straps should always lie flat against the baby and should be straightened if they are twisted.


Various supports can be bought for your baby’s head, body and neck. Adjusting the angle of the car seat may be appropriate to support your baby’s neck. Refer to the safety instructions when fine-tuning your car seat.

Many new parents are in need of car seat installation knowledge. If further information is required, seek out a baby car seat installation workshop to make sure you baby is safe and secure while driving.

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