Boo! Halloween is coming. You’ve picked out the perfect costume, prepared fun snacks, and filled baskets with candy to prepare for trick-or-treaters. While Halloween is full of spooky thrills, smoke machines, and costume contests, it is also the preferred time of year for tricksters to creep through the night and cause mayhem. ABC Insurance Agencies wants to help you steer clear of Halloween tricks this year with these tips on how to avoid car vandalism.

According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, chances of car vandalism nearly double during Halloween’s eerie hours, and there is a 5% higher risk of car theft. Also, ADT mentions that the highest average amount of 2017 insurance claims took place on October 31st last year. These scary stats may frighten you for now, but don’t hide for long! ABC is here with tips and tricks to keep pranksters away from your sweet ride.

How to keep vandals, monsters, and ghouls away for ultimate car protection:

    • Secure your car: Roll up your windows and lock the doors before the Halloween festivities begin. It can be easy to forget this seemingly obvious step when you feel safe at home every day, but make sure to avoid unnecessary trouble by being overly cautious.


    • Keep items of value out of sight: Take that nice camera or new wallet inside to evade any potential lurkers. Don’t leave anything in your car that could entice an evil spirit.


    • Park Thoughtfully: Make sure your car is parked in a safe, well-lit area. If you own garage, you could deter vandalism by parking there for the night.


    • Trick-or-treat Safely: Choose safe neighborhoods for your trick-or-treating locations. Keep your kids free from danger while also dodging car vandalism in unassuming neighborhoods.


  • Follow your gut: Listen to that little voice that creeps up from time to time. If you find yourself in a dangerous area, think about moving the fun to a new spot to ensure personal safety and car protection.

ABC Insurance Agencies wishes you a thrilling Halloween free of car vandalism or theft. After the haunted houses and pumpkin carvings end, start your November at ease with auto insurance protection from ABC. These quotes won’t scare you away! Find a better choice in auto insurance by chatting with a friendly agent. Just call 800-708-0123, go online, or visit a friendly agent near you to avoid a ghostly wallet.

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