At some point, you have probably experienced getting a flat tire either as a driver or a passenger. From pesky nails to road hazards, there are many causes of a flat tire. Getting a flat is never convenient. However, changing a tire is a fairly simple process that anyone can learn how to do with the right tools and knowledge!


How to Change a Flat Tire in 6 Easy Steps

Changing a tire is something that every driver should learn how to do to stay prepared on the road. Keep the following emergency items in your vehicle and follow these simple steps to learn how to change a flat!

Tools needed to change a flat tire:

  • Car jack
  • Spare tire
  • Tire jack
  • Jack lug wrench

Steps to replace a flat tire:

1. Pull over safely and apply your parking brake

  • Find a flat, safe location and pull over on the side of the road. Turn off the engine.
  • Alert other drivers by turning on your hazard lights.
  • Prevent your car from rolling by using your parking brake.
  • If you have a manual vehicle, make sure your car is left in gear.

2. Remove the hubcap and loosen the lug nuts

  • If your hubcap has screws, use a wrench to remove them.
  • If your hubcap doesn’t have screws, use your jack lug wrench to take it off.
  • Using your lug wrench, loosen the lug nuts by turning them counter-clockwise.
  • Make sure not to completely remove the lug nuts just yet.

3. Lift your vehicle with a jack

  • Find out where you should position the jack according to your owner’s manual.
  • In the right location, start turning the jack handle clockwise to raise your car.
  • Make sure your car is stable and above the ground.

4. Remove the lug nuts and flat tire

  • Remove the loosened lug nuts and place them nearby.
  • Dismount the flat tire by pulling it toward you.

5. Mount the spare tire and tighten the lug nuts

  • Line up the lug bolts according to the rim of the spare tire.
  • Push the spare tire onto the wheel.
  • Replace the lug nuts by turning them clockwise by hand.
  • Do not use the jack lug wrench while your car is in the air.

6. Lower your car and retighten the lug nuts

  • Turn the jack counter-clockwise to lower your car back to the ground.
  • Once your wheels are on the ground, remove the jack.
  • With the jack lug wrench, retighten the lug nuts as instructed in your owner’s manual.
  • Replace the hubcap.
  • Drive slowly on your spare tire. Remember that spare tires are for temporary use and should be replaced with a proper tire as soon as possible.

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