Time to renew your driver’s license or need a car title transferred but not sure when you’ll have time to face those lines at the DMV? Skip the DMV altogether and get what you need done with ABC Insurance Agencies. We make it easy for customers to access notary, title, drivers’ license renewals and reinstatements at any of our convenient locations. Getting a transfer of a car title can be a little tricky in Louisiana so here are a few helpful tips!

Did you know as a….

Car Buyer

  • You have only 40 days to get the required information, pay taxes and visit the OMV if you’re buying a car from a private seller
  • Seller completes the information on the back of the title (ie. Mileage, price, date)
  • Buyer and seller sign the title
  • Seller gets the title notarized. ABC can help you with this
  • If you need more room to include all information on the title you will need a bill of sale
  • Seller must provide an Odometer Disclosure statement if it’s newer than 10 years
  • Seller must provide a lien release
  • Fill out a Vehicle Application
  • Make sure you have car insurance so you can provide proof of coverage
  • Be prepared to pay a transfer fee and sales tax fee

Car Seller

  • If there’s enough space on the title, provide all information
  • Give the buyer a lien release
  • Go to the OMV website to complete a notice of transfer by providing a car license plate number and expiration date, a VIN, driver’s license number, buyer’s information, date of sale and price
  • Take the license plate off the car

Inherited or Gifted Cars

  • Obtain a court-ordered distribution
  • Provide a copy of the death certificate and will
  • Get an Affidavit of Heirship if the court or the DOR isn’t handling the situation
  • If the DOR is handling the situation, get an Affidavit of Small Succession

There’s no reason to get a ticket because you couldn’t get your titled transferred, renew in time or find a location. ABC has multiple locations across Louisiana and we can handle any notarizations in the same visit. ABC offers same day service! Better choices, better than the DMV. Call us at 800-708-0123 to speak with one of our licensed agents or visit abcinsurance.com.

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