Many of us have been driving on the road for so long that we have developed our own version of safe driving habits. Some of us roll stop signs while others cross double-solid-yellow-lines. Day in and day out we break these tiny traffic rules until they become our normal way of driving. And, just because accidents have not occurred from this seemingly harmless rule-breaking, it’s only a matter of time before something does happen.

So, to keep society at large safe on the roads, here are some driving tips many of us may be breaking:

  1. Provide yourself with defensible space in front of your car, a good rule of thumb is one car length for every 10 mph.
  2. Match the speed of interstate traffic when merging onto the interstate.
  3. Never change more than one lane at a time when switching lanes. This makes your driving behavior predictable, therefore making it easier for other drivers to anticipate your vehicle’s.
  4. Use your blinker 5 seconds before merging off the interstate, this will give other drivers an opportunity to maneuver around you.
  5. When coming to a complete stop, give yourself plenty of space. At a speed of 55 mph, it takes about 450 ft to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. Traveling at 35 mph take a vehicle about 250 ft to come to a complete stop.
  6. Using your phone while driving is a terrible habit. Whether you are talking on the phone or texting it’s a tragic idea. 1.6 million car accidents can be attributed to phone use while driving.
  7. Another obvious safety practice that many get in the habit of breaking is wearing your seat belt. Some newer vehicles have annoying beeps that prompt you to strap in while other vehicles lack this feature. In either case, millions of drivers don’t fasten their seatbelt while driving and would greatly benefit by doing so. In both Louisiana and Texas, seatbelt usage is the law. Click it or ticket.
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