Routine vehicle maintenance keeps your wheels turning but can come with a hefty price tag. Did you know that you could take care of many preventative services on your own, including brake pad replacement? Thankfully, ABC Insurance Agencies is here to help you keep some cash in your pocket by teaching you how to replace your own brake pads through our helpful DIY video. Tune in below and find out how to change your brake pads and save some money in a few easy steps.

By learning how to change your brake pads yourself, you could save hundreds of dollars. Your DIY brake pad replacement cost could range from $20-$40 with the addition of a few tools, such as a car jack and stand, some pliers, and a wheel lug wrench.

Now that you have the right tools, follow these simple steps to change your own brake pads. First, you will need to remove the wheel and hardware. Next, take out the used brake pads and push in the caliper piston. Then, it’s time to install your new brake pads, reinstall the hardware, and get ready to roll. Keep in mind that new brake pads will last anywhere from 30,000-50,000 miles. If you’ve hit this mark, it’s time to grab a few tools, fresh brake pads from your closest auto parts shop, and watch the video below.


Now that you know how to replace your brake pads, teach your friends and family how to do it, too! Then, find out how to protect your car with better choices for Louisiana or Texas car insurance from ABC Insurance Agencies. Just call 800-708-0123, click, or visit a friendly agent near you to get a free auto insurance quote today.

Precaution: ABC wants to kindly remind you to always put safety first when changing your brake pads by utilizing a car jack stand. On its own, a car jack does not provide ample protection, because it could fall without proper support from its stand. Make sure to avoid a car-tastrophe when replacing your brake pads by following proper safety practices.

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