We all have the goal of getting home safe. Whether we are coming home from work or an outing with the family, we want to make it back home safe and sound. The night time poses an added level of difficulty when it comes to driving. Limited visibility, glaring headlights and Impaired drivers all increase the risk for car accidents. Check out these tips to reduce your risk of night time car accidents.

Dim Dash Lights

Most cars nowadays have a dashboard dimmer switch. This is so you can control the brightness emitting from your dash. When the dashboard is too bright is can distract the driver from the road and effect the driver’s vision.

Do Not Look At Oncoming Headlights

As a driver, you want to gain as much information about the road’s attributes as possible. Although you may feel enticed to look into oncoming headlights, refrain from doing so. Headlights, especially on high beam, can cause flash blindness which is very dangerous when operating a vehicle.

Check Headlights And Brake lights

This is a more obvious one, but important nonetheless. It’s simple, if your headlights and taillights aren’t working properly, other drivers will be misinformed about your vehicle’s condition. With one headlight, other drivers may think you are a motorcycle. Or, with non working tail lights, a driver behind you may not notice you are breaking. Checking your lights is quick and easy so, take the time to do the inspection.

Use Tab On Your Rear View Mirror

Many vehicles have a small tab on the bottom of their rear view mirrors that can be used to cut glare while driving at night. This will allow you to take a look at your rear view mirror without being blinded.

Feeling Sleepy?

Fatigue can be a major factor in night driving. Because it’s night time, many of us are used to hitting the sac shortly after we arrive home. This means many of us may already be tired on the way home, especially after a long day at work. If you find yourself becoming sleepy, find a safe place to park your vehicle and get some rest.


There are a significant amount a alcohol related car accidents. And this is the worst at night because many people drink at night and some of them decide to drive. In order to combat this issue, do NOT drink and drive…ever. And those who witness drunk driving have a social responsibility to report it.

A Truly Clean Windshield

Your windshield may appear clean in the day time but in actuality, it still may be streaky. This will cause glare on your windshield at night and distract you from driving safely. Use a microfiber cloth or newspaper to ensure your windshield is nice and clean.

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