Apps have become useful in many parts of our daily lives, including in the vehicle. Check out these 6 helpful driving apps and remember to always use a hands-free system while driving.


Waze is a satellite navigationservice. It’s different because is allows user-generated information, so you can find the safest and quickest way home in real-time. Waze, like other apps of its kind, offers voice navigation, automatic rerouting and local businesses information.


The goal of this app is to decrease the amount of smartphone distraction while driving. Dashdroid simplifies the screen on your smartphone to 8 commonly used buttons. You are able to focus on the vital uses for your phone that keep you informed and safe.


Most people get in the habit of getting their gas at a specific gas station; usually one near their home or work. The problem is that we may be overpaying for gas because we don’t want to stop at multiple gas stations and find the lowest price. GasBuddy app is the answer. GasBuddy is a community-based fuel app that lets you know where you can get the cheapest gas in your area. Now, you can get the lowest price for your gas without the hassle of stopping at multiple locations.

DailyRoads Voyager

The DailyRoads Voyager app serves as a dash cam for your vehicle. It continuously records for the duration of your drive and retains important events that happen along the way for reference/ evidence.

Mile IQ

Mile IQ automatically tracks the miles driven in your vehicle. Miles are tracked for business logs, tax deductions and checking MPG (miles per gallon). The app lets you easily categorize your trips as business or personal with a quick swipe. You can also download mileage tracking into a spreadsheet, a very nice feature.


The Uber app has become king when it comes to ride sharing. The app allows you to request a ride day or night. Multiple vehicle options let the choose a ride option that best suits their needs. Sign up is simple and drivers are notified of your location using your smartphone.

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