Many of us have had this experience; our car hasn’t been checked out in a while even though we know it’s overdue for an inspection. Everything is running fine, so we think we can just go about our business. When we finally do take our car in for a check up, we are informed there are hundreds of dollars worth of fixing. We are then told most of these issues are from neglecting to perform small upkeep tasks that could have prevented wasting money at the mechanic.

There are a few little things you can do for your car to greatly increase its lifespan. Here are 4 simple maintenance tips that apply to virtually every car owner:

Battery Terminals

Some issues occur from a poor connection between the battery and the battery terminals. Check your terminals periodically to ensure the connections are solid and free from corrosion. If you see corrosion on the battery terminals, use a wire brush to clean the terminals.

Oil Level

This is a very simple step that can save you from spending a lot of money in the future. Driving your car with little or no oil can do thousands of dollars worth a damage to your engine and checking the oil level is easy. See how to check your oil Here.

Checking Your Belts

In the front of your engine, there will be a number of belts that control various components of your car. Due to heat from the engine, weather and other factors, the belts begin to deteriorate. Now, I think we all agree that replacing a belt in an emergency situation is not ideal. So, keep an eye on your belts and make sure they don’t have any large missing chunks or uneven wear.

Tire Pressure

Many gas stations have a tire gauge which checks the pressure of your tires. Here is a nifty generator that tells you the ideal tire pressure for your car. Having the proper amount of air in your tires can prevent uneven wear and lengthen the life of your tires as well. An added bonus to optimal tire pressure is increased gas mileage; something all of us love.

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